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You Heard it from the Herd

"Blue Bison Beard Balm works great in the cold western snow.  Keeps my beard soft and moisturized."

"This is what I look like when I forget to use my Blue Bison Beard Oil and Balm.  My whole day is one bad hair day.  I won't let anyone see my beard"  

"Even though I wear my hair and my beard a little on the wild side, it still needs great products to keep it under control.   And Blue Bison Beard Essentials has everything I need.  I just wish they had a bigger comb!"

"My dad says when I get older and start growing my beard, he will let me use some of his Blue Bison Beard Oil and Balm.  I will be one handsome bull!"

"I may look all cool with my perfect hair and skillfully styled beard, but it takes a lot of effort to look this great.  Having found Blue Bison Beard Essentials sure makes it easier to keep my desirability while I'm kicking up dust and acting tough."

"Since I started using Blue Bison Beard Oil, I have become a heifer magnet.  That, my friends, is exhausting!"


"I really love Blue Bison Beard products! They really leave my beard soft and conditioned and easy to manage! The oils smell great and the balms help me control my curly beard!"



J. Pello

Want to be part of the Herd?

Send us a picture of your beard and let us know your thoughts on our essentials. 

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